About Us

The Origin story

When we began our journey in 2012, no one could have imagined the rate that the company would grow and expand in such a short time.

It all started a long time ago in a basic furniture store not too far away, having lost a whole weekend with the Mrs running round from place to place trying to buy a bed and other furniture that would fit our abnormally shaped one-bedroom apartment. Our fearless leader had his Eureka moment, a spark that set off an explosion of ideas that would eventually give birth to a baby chick of a concept for an online furniture store.

So few years, numerous mattress factories and some seriously comfy beds later, we launched online storming the Internet with our meticulously curated collections and ranges. It turned out there were a lot of you out there who had enough of awful furniture stores and websites that were set up on a computer using windows 95.

Following that we spread to social media posting probably an unhealthy amount of puns and pics of our adorable feathered mascot and connecting even more with you; the customer. After perfecting the art of online retailer we relaunched our new fabulous updated site that reflected even better our vision for the future and made it even easier for you to browse our store and shop with us.

And the rest as they say is… OWO Living history.

Our Manifesto of Comfiness

We continue our quest for world domination as emperors of all things comfy and to epitomise excellent customer service (unlike unicorns and good movie sequels, it does exist) - that's us in a nutshell.

We cover everything for your home so there is no need to go elsewhere. Our years of retail experience and expertise in the very scientific field of “Gorgeous Comfy home design” has driven us to create the ultimate online shopping experience.

We are committed to improving our products and service, and invest more than most in the latest technology and products. We pay close attention to the current trends and feedback to curate our collections so there’s something for everyone’s style and taste.

The main pillar of our company is our customer-centric policies that ensure the best possible experience when it comes to customer service and aftercare.

We are 100% customer orientated, here at OWO Living we make every customers home improvement our business and sole mission in life. Our dedicated team of customer champions operate tirelessly to ensure that the highest standards are maintained and quality control procedures are followed in order for the products to reach our fabulous clientele in perfect condition through our experienced network.

Ordering online from our site is easy, quick and fun! We have designed and consciously improve our website to ensure our customers have the best and simplest online shopping experience whilst showcasing our fab ranges in the most linear, elegant and streamline way possible.

If you aren't computer friendly or prefer a friendly chat over the phone, no worries - feel free to call and one of our customer champs will sort you out.

And ALWAYS remember to…

…Make your home as unique as you.