Ismail's Inspirational Race

Ismail dewsbury 10k

For this blog post, we’d like to turn our attention away from furniture to a very inspirational individual who puts all that we do into perspective. For some, the Leeds 10k is just another race, but for Ismail Patel, it’s the latest chapter in a remarkable journey from a life support machine to the start (and finish) lines!

We’re honoured to be sponsoring Ismail for the Leeds 10k, and we were lucky enough sit down with him to talk about his preparations for the race, and the Herculean effort it took to get to where he is today.

OWO Living: Hi Ismail, nice to meet you. I think we are lucky to get a sit down with you now that you are a local hero and in much demand!

Ismail: (laughing) I fundraised for Children with Down Syndrome on my last race and they’ve called me as a special guest to their meetup event, other than that it’s just normal life, work gym and sleep. I’m waiting for a call from Gareth Southgate to see if he needs my services at the World Cup!

OWO Living: Dream big Ismail, why not? We love your ambition and perseverance. What really made us want to get involved and support you is reading your story in the paper. Do you want to tell us a bit about your journey?

Ismail: I was within a day of my life support getting switched off around 10 years ago and then in February I took part in my first 10k race in Dewsbury. It has been a hard 10 years and it was great to see my hard work pay off when I crossed the finish line.

I have an arteriovenous malformation on the brain, a very rare and life-threatening condition especially for someone my age. I was 23 at the time when I first had a stroke and later again in 2009 I fell into a coma for two and half weeks.

ismail 2 high res

Doctors operated on my brain and performed a tracheotomy but it got really bad and they couldn’t do any more so they were going to remove my life support.

“I woke up the day they were going to pull the plug”

My sister was there and argued with them to give me another day or two and lucky for me I woke up the day they were going to pull the plug. From then on I’ve never looked back and I’ve wanted to push myself to do everything I never did before and not let my disability stop me.

I am now more active, working full time and feel alive for more challenges. My left side is fully paralysed and I walk with the aid of a walking stick and drag the other side along. I am active in the gym and go on the treadmill every day.

ismail treadmill

I’ve done the Dewsbury 10k, a few months back I did the Bradford 10k and now this time around it’s the Leeds 10k, Jane Tomlinson's original legacy run.

“Don’t let anything stop you or put you down”

You’ll soon see me in London doing the marathon! That’s my dream. You never know, I might even train for the Paralympics. We are all unique in our own way and it’s what we do with it. Don’t let anything stop you or put you down.

Ismail at Dewsbury 10k

OWO Living: Brilliant, Ismail. We will support your journey wherever it takes you and think you are truly an inspiration. We want you to achieve your dreams and whatever that takes we will support you, you are doing fantastic work for charities and your journey is incredible.

It shows that no matter how tough it gets, you keep going. I couldn’t even run to the chippy and back without pulling a hamstring...

Just know that at night you will have a nice bed and mattress from OWO Living to rest on!

ismail owo polo

We’re very proud to be sponsoring Ismail for his upcoming race, and wish him all the best in his quest to conquer the London Marathon in the future. Ismail is running in aid of One Nation, a charity that provides life-saving water pumps to areas in need all across the world. You can support Ismail and donate to this fantastic cause by clicking here.

one nation charity infographic