NATURASpring / Summer 2019 Collection

Chic. Vibrant. Bold.

The NATURA Spring/Summer 2019 collection exclusive to OWO Living is our new high end home furniture range. This flagship in-house designed collection takes inspiration from warm pastel colours and vibrant summer patterns. Designed with contemporary pattern, fabric and colour Industry trends in mind, the collection will feature an array of vibrant and bold patterns and colours. The Natura collection is not just a furniture range it’s an Interior Statement and focus point of any room.

ThePARADISOPattern&Fabric Bed

Wondering what happens when minimalist Scandinavian Interior stylings meet exotic pattern design and colours?

Unveiling the NATURA S/S 19 collection, launching with the lush Scandinavian minimalist inspired Paradiso bed. This high end bed is a testament to time trialled British craftsmanship and currently is available in either an exotic leaf pattern or warm pastel colours.

FEATURES& the Future

The NATURA collection marries exotic colorful patterns with a Scandinavian minimal design and the result is pure class. The minimal Scandi bed frame design and simple wood finish compliments perfectly our vibrant and bold fabrics/patterns to turn heads. We aim with this range of furniture to release tastefully quirky eclectic designs in a wide roster of variations to suit any contemporary décor.

The Paradiso is the first of many exclusive in-house OWO luxury Natura designs. In the following months we will be unveiling many new additions to the range including bedroom furniture, living room furniture and even quirkier colours and patterns.

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Spring / Summer 2019 Collection